How the Liberal Party Hoodwinked Australia

What does a capitalist with a social conscience and a broad sense of humour, who has always followed political economics very closely, do when he has retired? He writes this book!

The idea of an egalitarian Australia has been a long-held myth but one that is dear to many Australians. The rise to power of the Liberal/ National party in Australia has led to a society where there are billionaires and 116,000 people who sleep rough every night and where many people live below the poverty line and do not have proper healthcare. 

This book deals in depth with how this situation came about and how the influence of the Koch brothers in the United States with their libertarian philosophy encouraged the Liberal Party to reduce taxes for the rich and abandon the poor to their own devices.

The book also deals with the dismissal of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam by the Governor General, Sir John Kerr, and how it is very likely that the whole incident was triggered by the CIA desperately trying to protect their Pine Gap installation in the Northern Territory. 

The whole period of Liberal/ National Party government has been one showing contempt for the general population by lying and rorting the system for the benefit of electorates with Liberal Party voters. Since the Liberal Party has been in power for most of the last two decades, it must take responsibility for the sad situation that Australia now finds itself in. 

This book details the lies and corruption that have become commonplace as Australia has been hoodwinked by its own government.